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Why Choose Integrated Elements?
Integrated Elements can help your company with the challenging process of identifying and prioritizing the key issues driving employee disengagement, an unacceptable rate of turnover or decreases in productivity and profitability.
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Our Approach
We begin by developing a trusting and open relationship with our clients. This helps us to establish a collaborative approach towards problem assessment/ intervention that focuses on the organization’s existing strengths. In the end, we can then effectively help companies to help themselves.
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About Us
Learn more about Integrated Element’s vision, mission, and values, its leadership team, and what people are saying about them.
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News, Events & Resources
View the latest news and events concerning Integrated Elements and explore additional resources aimed at helping your organization.
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Getting Started
Looking for more information on our services or have questions regarding how we can assist your organization? Contact us. We look forward to discussing how we can help.
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“A virtuous spiral begins when an organization takes intelligent, strategy-driven, conscious actions to attract, retain, motivate, develop, and effectively organize committed, high-performance individuals. This generates a high-performance organization. It boosts the rewards for employees, which increases their motivation and commitment. The more challenging and rewarding environment that results further reinforces the organization’s ability to attract, retain, and develop employees, who further positively affect performance. Thus a virtuous spiral forms and expands, carrying the organization and its members to greater heights.”

- Edward E. Lawler III from Treat People Right*

*Lawler III, Edward E. Treat People Right! How Organizations and Individuals Can Propel Each Other into a Virtuous Spiral of Success San Francisco: John Wiley and Sons, 2003

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Over their many years of working together, the principals of Integrated Elements have combined their efforts on countless projects to improve businesses. Their efforts have been focused on taking a fact-driven approach to thoroughly defining issues and deriving the most effective solutions.
Here is what people who have worked with Steve and Tom have to say about their abilities and results:

"During the years that we worked together, Steve and Tom worked on many broad enterprise-wide projects. In addition, they each ran several functions of the business. They worked well together and they knew what it took to engage their people and produce quality results. There were many times that we faced particularly tough, multi-phased issues and we would enlist Steve and Tom in order to attack the problems and implement the solutions. These were often structural and high dollar projects and they came through for us every time."

- Jim Ryan-Former President, Volvo Car Finance

"While facing some very challenging business issues during our time working together, what struck me most about Steve and Tom was their high level of integrity and passion for getting the best from their folks. They possess an extremely inclusionary style of management and are adept at facilitating group problem solving. From an HR perspective, they exhibited an extremely high level of compassion for their people and possessed a unique talent for keeping them engaged in their work. Employees followed them through some extremely tough situations because they had fully earned their trust."

- Hector Castillo-HR Manager, Ford Motor Credit (VCFNA)

“My experiences in working with Steve and Tom are based upon delivering together critical project results with a broad operational impact. The way that they assembled strong, diverse and talented teams that represented a broad cross section of the company served to ensure that we delivered the right products for the right price. Steve and Tom were extremely insightful from concept to launch.”

- Gary Steeves-CEO, PredictAbility Plus, Inc.

"What has impressed me most about working with Tom Fleming and Steve Maffei was their ability to provide solutions that not only improved the organization's bottom line and our customer's level of satisfaction, but also had an extremely positive effect on employee engagement and loyalty. It is rare in today's business environment to find a truly effective and collaborative team whose individual talents compliment each other so well that the sum of their efforts outweighs that of the individuals. Their combined ability to achieve results, question unnecessary operational boundaries and motivate the workforce provided us with a winning combination."

- Tony Nicolosi-Senior Vice President Business Development, Volvo Financial Services

"I have known and worked with Tom and Steve for over 15 years. They bring a wealth of practical management and operational experience to the issue of employee engagement and how it leads to achieving organizational results. Their approach is focused, practical, and data driven. If you want targeted solutions to better enable your workforce to contribute to your organizational performance, then Integrated Elements can help..."

- Mike Woodstock-Manufacturing/Financial Services Human Resource Manager

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