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Why Choose Integrated Elements?
Integrated Elements can help your company with the challenging process of identifying and prioritizing the key issues driving employee disengagement, an unacceptable rate of turnover or decreases in productivity and profitability.
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Our Approach
We begin by developing a trusting and open relationship with our clients. This helps us to establish a collaborative approach towards problem assessment/ intervention that focuses on the organization’s existing strengths. In the end, we can then effectively help companies to help themselves.
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About Us
Learn more about Integrated Element’s vision, mission, and values, its leadership team, and what people are saying about them.
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News, Events & Resources
View the latest news and events concerning Integrated Elements and explore additional resources aimed at helping your organization.
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Getting Started
Looking for more information on our services or have questions regarding how we can assist your organization? Contact us. We look forward to discussing how we can help.
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“Organizations intent on building shared visions continually encourage members to develop their personal vision. If people don’t have their own vision, all they can do is sign up for someone else’s. The result is compliance, never commitment.”

- Peter Senge from The Fifth Discipline*

*Senge, Peter M. The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of The Learning Organization New York: Doubleday, 1990

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Integrated Elements believes that employee productivity and engagement all flow from a clearly communicated vision and mission, an environment of strong values and ethics, and a keen management focus on trust, honesty, and caring in the workplace.
Our Mission
Integrated Elements, Inc. works with companies that recognize the importance of their people to the long-term success of their enterprise. Our primary objective is to help as many organizations as possible determine effective ways to keep their human capital engaged in their work and to retain valuable talent. We employ a collaborative approach with our clients, facilitating the process of discovery in order to maximize organizational learning and helping to resolve their challenges. In this way, we are able to assist our clients in becoming more proficient at proactively addressing their critical human capital issues and better able to place a focus on the long-term objectives of their organizations.
Our Vision
Integrated Elements believes that an organization succeeds and thrives by placing its people first. A company that concentrates on serving its own people will, as a result, possess a workforce that is motivated and committed to provide its customers with excellent service. Our company is committed to making this “people”-centric approach the preferred business model among all organizations.

We practice what we advocate for our clients: Recognizing our employees as the most important element of our company. We aim to identify and provide full and continuous support for each of our employee’s needs and motivations. We strive to consistently provide a work environment that is open, inclusive, respectful, engaging, caring, empowering, and enjoyable for all of our employees. In addition, we aspire to treat our business partners the same way we treat our own people.

We are committed to provide our customers with the highest possible level of respect and service at all times.

As members of the global business community and society, we are fully dedicated to operate in the most ethical and environmentally sensitive manner. We are highly committed to our core values.

As a result of our dedication to our employees, customers, business partners and community, we believe we will reap the highest level of shareholder value possible.

Our Core Values
Integrated Elements firmly believes that meaningful, productive and long-lasting working relationships are built on a foundation of strongly shared values. The following set of core values represent the fundamental and steadfast guiding principles that impact all we do and how we do it:

Openness and Honesty
We believe that building and sustaining trust and credibility with our employees, customers, partners and community is critical to establishing and maintaining a successful company. In order to accomplish this, the utmost importance is placed on truthfulness, openness and honesty, throughout all business operations, regardless of how difficult it might be.

Respect, Fairness, Inclusiveness and Supportiveness
The “Golden Rule” resonates clearly at Integrated Elements. We treat everyone that we encounter with the same level of respect, consideration, and dignity that we would expect in return. We evaluate all of our actions to ensure that they will be viewed as fair and consistent. In addition, we understand the competitive advantage gained by leveraging a diverse culture of talent. We foster and cultivate a safe and welcoming environment of inclusivity and supportiveness. Our primary responsibility as an organization is to respect and fully utilize the talent and effort of all our people at all times.

Commitment to Maintaining a Long-term and Sustainable Organization
We believe that the work that we do is important and helpful and that it contributes to the success and happiness of many people. Our primary goal is to continually sustain an organization that impacts the greatest number of people possible. Therefore, the decisions we make as an organization are not influenced by short-term gain or “windfall” profits, but are aligned with maintaining, growing and protecting the long-term sustainability of our company for our employees, clients, partners and community. As an organization, we learn over time and benefit from our successes and failures. By working diligently towards long-term goals, we have the greatest chance of realizing our vision.

Responsibility, Reliability and Accountability for Our Actions
As an organization and individually, we believe in taking full responsibility for our actions. Each member of our organization is expected to take ownership for the task at hand and in turn is granted the autonomy to achieve this task using their experience, talent and judgment to the best of their ability with the organization’s full support. We expect that all of our people place the best interests of the organization first. We take pride in seeing things through to the end. We strive to maintain a culture of integrity, and believe that the best way to achieve this is to build a strong reputation for dependability, reliability, and accountability among our customers, co-workers, partners and community.

Vigilantly Foster a Positive, Creative and Fun Work Environment Fueled by Our People’s Passion for Their Work
We believe that in order to support an atmosphere of creativity, innovation, and a focus on results, we need to provide a safe, positive, enjoyable, comfortable and fun work environment. Humor, laughter and camaraderie are always encouraged. Helping, cooperating, and collaborating are the most highly valued behaviors in our firm and it is through these actions that the best results occur.

Happy, relaxed and energized people perform the task at hand much more effectively than unhappy, burnt-out, stressed ones. We strongly support our people’s individual life goals and happiness and strive to provide practices and policies that assist with and encourage the attainment of these goals.

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