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Why Choose Integrated Elements?
Integrated Elements can help your company with the challenging process of identifying and prioritizing the key issues driving employee disengagement, an unacceptable rate of turnover or decreases in productivity and profitability.
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Our Approach
We begin by developing a trusting and open relationship with our clients. This helps us to establish a collaborative approach towards problem assessment/ intervention that focuses on the organization’s existing strengths. In the end, we can then effectively help companies to help themselves.
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About Us
Learn more about Integrated Element’s vision, mission, and values, its leadership team, and what people are saying about them.
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News, Events & Resources
View the latest news and events concerning Integrated Elements and explore additional resources aimed at helping your organization.
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Getting Started
Looking for more information on our services or have questions regarding how we can assist your organization? Contact us. We look forward to discussing how we can help.
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“The limits on human collaboration in the organizational setting are not limits of human nature but of management’s ingenuity in discovering how to realize the potential represented by its human resources”

- Douglas McGregor from The Human Side of Enterprise*

*McGregor, Douglas The Human Side of Enterprise (Annotated Edition) New York: McGraw Hill, 2005

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Integrated Elements is a consulting firm dedicated to helping companies to strengthen their level of employee engagement and retention.

The practice works closely with organizations to assess the current status of their key engagement indicators and then identify and deliver solutions focused towards building on existing strengths and improving areas requiring enhancement. Taking a very collaborative approach with the client, the firm facilitates the process of mutual discovery in order to help focus customers on proactively addressing critical human capital issues moving forward.

Our clients recognize that keeping their employees energized, focused, and emotionally connected to their work and to the organization's mission is a continuous process that requires dedication. Those who have made the long term commitment to employee satisfaction and engagement have seen significant improvement to their profitability and growth.

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