Integrated Elements Consulting Approach
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Develop Relationship /
Establish Work Method
Collect /
Synthesize Data
Perform Analysis /
Assess Opportunities
Present Results /
Recommend Alternatives
Our initial step is to build a relationship with the client, discussing at length the nature of their issues/concerns and determining what they want to achieve. It is important to assess whether or not our firm can provide the assistance the client is seeking. We believe that the probability of a success is significantly greater when the time is taken to develop an environment of trust, open communication, and a shared vision for an optimum outcome. Once a precise definition of the problem is established and it has been determined that we can help, details regarding the method of work to be performed are discussed and agreed upon. A team consisting of key resources from the client organization is assigned to the project. This group will become the core members of the project team. Testing is performed, interviews are held, and key data are collected. The information is then compiled in preparation for formal analysis. All data are thoroughly analyzed in collaboration with the client’s team. Critical findings are identified and classified. The client’s strengths and opportunities in the area of employee engagement are identified and highlighted. Although a great deal of client intervention is performed during the discovery process, a summary presentation of findings and subsequent discussion of various remedying alternatives is presented by the project team.

Action Plan
Oversee Execution
of Action Plan
Monitor /
Assess Progress
If the client is committed to proceed, a comprehensive plan is created in conjunction with the client’s designated team and components of the plan are established and specified. Once each component is tested, the plan is verified and presented to the client for approval. Once approved, the action plan is then implemented by the client-based team. Integrated Elements will provide project management assistance to the client, if so desired. Following implementation of the action plan, Integrated Elements can provide the client with assistance in assessing the success of the actions taken against the original state. We can also assist the client team in the development of a longer term control plan in order to effectively prevent any relapses on the gains made.
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